I would highly recommended Mr. Thomas B. Mafrici service to anyone. I got my first speeding ticket on I 90 in Cayuga County, NY, trying to pass 3 big tractor trailers. I was so stressed that my insurance premium now will go high that I won’t be able to pay my medical bills. I live in NJ, 5 hours away. My friend told me to look for a lawyer, so I went on the Brutus Town Court website and found Mr. Mafrici's name there. I contacted him via e mail and received an answer very quickly that he could help me with my case. Mr. Mafrici’s fee is affordable and very reasonable compared to all I would suffer if my insurance premium goes up. He was honest, professional and got promptly on my case. He kept my record clean as he promised from the beginning. Mr. Mafrici did not only save me money, but also gave me peace of mind when I have to deal with my medical issues. I am very grateful to him for helping me, and again, I will highly recommend his service.