Michael Britton
I received a ticket on Interstate 81 and found Tom's office with a quick internet search. I don't usually leave online reviews but I had to share my experience with Tom and his staff. I didn't really know anything about traffic tickets or how they were handled but the NY Ticket Fixer made the process as simple as possible. I called in, gave one of the secretaries, Deb, the details of my ticket, then got connected over to the Ticket Fixer, Tom. He was very respectful and patient in explaining everything from what pleading guilty would do to my insurance and license to exactly what would be required of me and what I could expect as a result if I retained him. That brings me to my first reason for sharing: Do not plead guilty to a traffic ticket. It will impact your insurance, you'll have "a record," and getting points on your license can cost you through the DMV! Throughout the whole process after that first phone call, all I had to do was make a payment and sign one form. It couldn't be simpler, and that's my second reason for sharing this review. If you're from out of state or just don't want to drive into his office (big mistake ‑ I'll get to that in a second), you can handle everything from out of town without a hassle. The convenience is unmatched by other law offices. Don't worry if you feel like you don't know what's going on. That's just the product of how simple they've made the process for you. I kept thinking dates were approaching or that I wasn't doing something I should have been, but I could always very easily get Deb on the phone to explain what stage of the process my case was at. Looking back it was so unnecessary ‑ let them do the traffic law, and you wait for them to get in touch with you. My third reason for sharing this review is because of how impressed I am by the NY Ticket Fixer. You simply will not get a better price for legal representation on a traffic ticket. Go ahead and make a list of nearby attorneys and call them for quotes, but you'll still find Tom is the cheapest and promises the best results. Also, you'll be very impressed by the geographic range he covers. I've recommended Tom's office to friends with tickets all over Upstate New York and he gets great results all over! Finally, back to "the office" ‑ if you live nearby and want to stop in for a consultation or to sign paperwork, I highly recommend it! Tom, who is also the town historian, acquired the old Cicero Union School, a beautiful one‑room schoolhouse. He fully restored it and has an assortment of interesting local historical ephemera placed around the office. Really cool to check out. And if Tom isn't at court when you're there, he's great to chat with. He is really down to earth, passionate about his work, and enjoys chatting about history if that happens to be your thing. Overall ‑ i) don't ever plead guilty to a traffic ticket, ii) the NY Ticket Fixer offers the cheapest representation across a huge part of the state and achieves unmatched results, iii) the convenience is incredible, iv) the office is cool!, and v) Tom and his staff are truly wonderful people. Stop Googling. You've found everything you need.