Not sure how he did it, but Mr. Mafrici worked effectively and efficiently to keep my wife's recent speeding ticket from causing her any points on her license. Amount he charged was well worth the service provided.

I hired Mr. Mafrici on a Wednesday and he already had my speeding ticket reduced to a parking violation by Thursday afternoon. When I told him that I was a student he gave me a discount on his already low fee. With him as my attorney, everything was so easy and he put my mind at ease!

Today I went to court for two tickets, one for texting and the other for unlawful possession of marijuana. Mr. Mafrici basically got them BOTH completely dismissed. I had to pay for a muffler ticket instead, have no points on my license and do not have to do community service/any type of driving or drug course. I was completely shocked. The results of Mr. Mafrici's work were exponentially greater than anything I could have ever asked for. This is your guy!

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