Steve G.
I received a traffic ticket in the middle of no where in Central NY that would have resulted in 6 points on my license and about $600+ in fines. I immediately emailed Thomas Mafrici Esq. who responded right away and requested a copy of my ticket so that he could evaluate what he could do for me. Ever heard of under promise and over deliver? Well, he told me he could get this reduced to 2 points and maybe a few hundred in fines. I paid him a small retainer and did the few other things he asked of me. I heard from him the day after he appeared in court for me (oh, I didn't mention that I never needed to appear in court). He was able to get my ticket reduced to a NO POINTS ticket with only $165 in fines. I can't express how happy I am and what an amazing Attorney Mr. Mafrici is! Thank you very much!