Steve Miller
While traveling for work/business up North near Lewis County, I was got a ticket for speeding in the Town of Diana in the legendary speed trap by NYS Trooper "W. Wilson."  ‑I did not find out about this legendary speed trap until after the fact. ‑ To say the least, during my stop, the trooper wasn't the least bit understanding and obviously looking to meet his daily quota of 20‑25 tickets he needed to write that day . [Note: I never pushed the issue, but I am curious if the trooper did in fact calibrate his radar device prior to leaving the barracks/satellite as they are required to per academy training, but most seldom do this on  daily basis. Checking the calibration of the radar device requires an officer to use small metal sticks. The metal sticks are used against the dashboard to give a “ping” which the radar devices can sense and ensure it is working properly. When calibrated prior to each shift, each trooper is required to log it into to a log that is kept in each vehicle.]. Obviously if the calibration is not be done as required, how can it be ensured the radar device is working accurately?]. This was my first speeding ticket within the past 17 years. I did some searching on the internet and came across the Mafrici Law Office. Immediately after reaching out to them, Tom contacted me. He explained the process, what he could do for me in terms of reducing the ticket, points and what I could reasonably expect in terms of the process and fine. During the entire process, Tom communicated with me every step of the way as well as made recommendations on my pleading and reduction. After a few weeks, I received notice from Tom that the court agreed to reduce my ticket to a non‑moving infraction . The non‑moving infraction saved me from points as well as an increase in my insurance.  I appreciate Toms help and dedication to my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone who gets a speeding ticket. I would not just pay the ticket and move on, but fight it!! I would definitely use him again if the situation arises Thank you again Tom for all of your help, I greatly appreciate it!!