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Thomas B. Mafrici, Esq. Was formerly employed as session counsel to the New York state assembly transportation committee where he assisted in promulgating amendments to the vehicle and traffic law. Mafrici Law Office begin in 1993 where the focus was always statewide traffic ticket representation. Nearly 25 years later the Mafrici Law Office P.C. has grown to become a leading traffic ticket law firm in New York State. The Mafrici Law Office, P.C. handles thousands of ticket cases every year and is familiar with all jurisdictions in New York State.

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Mafrici Law Office, P.C. is located at the crossroads of New York State where the Thruway andInterstate 81 intersect. This location is ideal for covering a wide area from Buffalo to Albany and from Canada to Pennsylvania.

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Alive at 25

Alive at 25 is a highly-effective four-hour course that serves as an excellent complement to standard driver education programs and is ideal for young drivers who incur traffic violations.


This course must be attended IN PERSON and is ideal for adult drivers who have incurred traffic violations.

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Excellent Results 

5.0 Stars

July 12, 2017

I received a ticket in Monroe County, NY going 63 in a 40, and was recommended to Mr. Mafrici. They responded very quickly, and talked me through the entire process of what could be reasonably expected. They were extremely professional and acted in a timely manner. They were ultimately able to get the speeding ticket reduced to a non-moving violation (unattended motor vehicle). This saved me from a potential 6 points on my license, as well as an increased insurance premium. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring their service, and would like to express my gratitude for their amazing work.


5 Stars

Very thankful to Mr. Mafrici for handling my 81/55 speeding visualization so painlessly. He brought 6 point speeding ticket down to 0 point violation. I cannot be more grateful and although I hope to never be put in the same situation, if I get another ticket I know who to call right away.

Thank you very much for your humane and friendly approach and for getting the job done so timely and painlessly.

- Tamara I. 

5 stars

August 28, 2015

Tom and his staff are always on top of your problem. If you get a ticket Mafrici law office will take care of your problem.

- Frank Marano Sr. 

5 Stars

Wow Wow Wow. I am from Canada and got caught inside of a speed trap while visiting Buffalo and was given a 20 over ticket that would have been hefty fine and 6 demerit points. When searching for traffic ticket lawyers on the internet, this firm stuck out to me mainly because of the logo. I read numerous reviews, and after discussing my issue with Thomas Mafrici, I felt very confident in hiring his team. Throughout the process him and his staff were very professional, and quick to respond. Because of them, I got the ticket reduced to a $125 no point ticket. I cannot thank you and your team enough for what you did for me. Finally, prices are VERY reasonable for the service you receive.

- Billy Panagiotopoulos 

5 Stars

January 2018

They were extremely diligent and produced very good results. They were amazing to work with, and refreshingly professional. I was highly skeptical at first, but they were able to produce a seemingly impossible outcome. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring their services.

- Charlie Eastwood 

5 star

October 22, 2017 ·

They handled my case worry free from start to finish. I would have been paying around $800 basing on others experience with a similar case.
But Mr. Thomas Mafrici got it to lowered to around $200 and that's not just it , I still got no demerit points since it was dismissed.
The best lawyer you could ever have, highly recommended.

- Michelle Natividad 


5.0 stars

April 3, 2018

I was charged with failure to yield the right of way at a stop sign. I drive tractor trailer and the 3 points and a at fault accident would have looked bad on my Cvor. The cop didn't see my way even tho I explained what happen and charged me for the other who guy ran off the road. I called explained what happened and long story short $0 fine and 0 points . So if your facing some bogus ticket you don't agree with, stop reading this review and give them a call, you will be glad you did. 6stars all day long!!!


Do you know hard it is to find an honest lawyer?

5.0 stars

November 1, 2015

As the title implies, it is next to impossible until I hired Mr. Mafrici to help me with a traffic infraction, he was honest, forthright, efficient and most importantly professional in every regard. Since then I have used him on various occasions for different aspects of the law, highly recommended.

- John 

5 Stars

February 2018

Mr. Mafrici is always a pleasure to work with. He is a great lawyer and gets the job done! His office staff is so nice! I highly recommend him for any of your legal needs.

- Terri Martinez 

Thomas Mafrici A +++

5.0 stars

November 10, 2015

Have used him several times, and he simply gets things done fast, efficient with excellent communication, and doesn't waste your time. If you have a traffic infraction, speeding ticket, cell phone ticket etc, do yourself a favor, and hire Mr Mafrici.

- Todd  

December 5, 2018

Single best law office within at least 100 miles of Syracuse. They respond promptly, lawyers know how to take care of you, and you are kept in the loop along the way. To other firms you may just be a client, but to the Mafrici Law Office, you are family. They will take care of you, they took care of me and I can personally assure you that. Trusting someone you don't know is hard, but trusting Tom is the best decision you can ever make!

- Ashok Kumar Kamani 

5 stars

July 19, 2016

Highly recommend Thomas and Mafrici Law! Tom went out of his way to help me with a traffic ticket I received when the court was being unresponsive. Knowledgeable, timely, professional and fairly priced.

- Peter Michaelides 

Would highly recommend to anyone looking to challenge a speeding ticket

5.0 stars

October 26, 2016

While traveling in the North County, I received a ticket for speeding in the Town of Diana. After some research, I contacted Tom. Tom explained to me the entire process and what I could reasonably expect in terms of the process and outcome. Tom provided communication throughout the entire process. After a few weeks of getting the ticket, Tom was able to reduce my would be 48/30 speeding ticket reduced to a non-moving infraction [unattended motor vehicle]. This not only saved me from getting 4 points of my license, but saved me from potential increase in my insurance premium. Thank you Tom for all of your help on this matter. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who gets a ticket. Very reasonable and excellent service.

- Steve 

5 Stars

January 2018

My charges were significantly reduced so that I avoided getting points on my license!

Other highlights: Tom always responded quickly to emails.  The process was overall very easy. I had to print, sign, and fax documents a few times but everything I had to do was clear.

I would highly recommend this office's services.

- Cassia Priebe 


5.0 stars

December 22, 2017

I received a parking "appearance" ticket for having an oversized trailer in my yard and requested a quote from Mr. Mafrici. He emailed me back almost immediately explaining that the ticket was a zoning issue with my town which is outside his area of practice. Never the less, he took the time to look up the exact code from my town that was stated on the ticket, explain that it was very recently revised, and explain my options. He even offered to help me out personally with the parking issue! After taking his advice and contacting the town to explain my situation, it's now looking like the code may end up being revised again so I'm no longer in violation. This was all from a free quote request. Great advice & great guy!!!


5 Stars

2 months ago

I first met Tom as a silly kid when I was 17 over 8 years ago when I got a ticket going 63 in a 45 he had it reduced to a non-moving violation. Since then I keep showing up here and there and his staff is always very polite and Tom gets the job done with a smile always meeting or exceeding the expectations he sets for his clients.

Give him a chance! You will not regret it!

- Ashok Kamani 

5 stars

November 15, 2015

Tom really came through for me a couple of years ago. I was traveling through New York from Michigan and found myself in a pickle with New York State's finest.(speeding) I had contacted the first law firm I found in the Yellow Pages and was fortunate for their honesty by referring my case to Mr. Tom Mafrici. I called the Mafrici Law Office and spoke directly with Tom. He was very straight‑forward with his promise to do the best he could. I was back in Michigan at that point and really didn't feel I had anywhere else to go, but I'm so glad that this is where I ended up because Tom did a fantastic job for me. Highly recommend!

- Andy Andrew  

Excellent law firm

5.0 stars

February 8, 2017

My daughter actually recommended Mr. Mafrici's firm to help me with my ticket 85/65. As I have not gotten a ticket in over 25 years I did not realize all of the repercussions like my insurance increasing for three years. Mr Mafrici's staff is also excellent & quite knowledgeable. My ticket was handled professionally & in a timely manner. Mr. Mafrici got the ticket dismissed therefore no points & my insurance did not go up. I highly recommend this law firm. Thank you from a very grateful client.