Move Over Tickets

Move Over Tickets

Failing to exercise “due care” when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle can result in a three point violation. This “due care” requires a driver to move out of an adjacent lane of a stopped emergency vehicle. If it is not safe to change the lane, the driver must slow down and exercise all possible caution. In addition to police, fire, and ambulance vehicles, the definition of an emergency vehicle has been expanded since the law’s inception in 2011 to include amber lighted vehicles such as snow plows, construction vehicles, and tow trucks in 2012. The blue and green lights of volunteer ambulance and fire fighters were added to the mix early in 2016. Lastly, garbage trucks and other waste disposal vehicles were included late in 2016.

Failing to move out of the way of an emergency vehicle that has their lights flashing can result in a two point violation. Much like the above charge, a driver must exercise “due care” and reasonably do everything in their power to move out of the way of the oncoming emergency vehicle.

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