NYC Tickets

Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB)

Non criminal tickets in the five boroughs of New York City are returnable in a special court called the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). Traffic Violations Bureaus are unique in that plea bargaining is not allowed. There are only two options: to plead guilty or request a trial. If the ticketing officer appears at your trial, you will most likely be convicted. If the officer does not appear, the charge should be dismissed. We postpone these cases as long as possible, often for about a year, in order to increase the chance that the officer will not appear. When the trial does eventually happen, we will appear on your behalf – so that you don’t have to. Police officers usually appear in these courts but even if they do appear we can often get the judge to find the driver guilty of a lower speed than what was charged which will save points. If more than one ticket was issued then we can often get additional tickets dismissed as redundant.

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